Sprinter NT
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Sprinter NT


  • Sowing into the “open furrow”
  • Use for direct drilling and after tillage
  • Safe clearing of the furrow guarantees reliable emergence
  • High coulter pressures for safe opening of the seed furrow
  • 12 m to 18 m working width: efficiency for sowing on schedule
  • Seed wagon with a capacity of 12 000 resp. 17 000 liter for a long range
  • Fertilisation system G & F (Grain & Fertiliser) for highest fertiliser efficiency and safe plan nutrition
  • Low horse power requirement (Sprinter 12 NT as of 285 hp)

Sprinter NT


The Sprinter NT in 12 m to 18 m working width stands for maximum efficiency. The HORSCH NT chisel coulter sowing technology allows for a high amount of fine earth in the seed row and for the placement of the seed in a so-called “open furrow”.
The seed coulter forms a furrow and removes lumps and organic material from the seed horizon. The seed is placed into this furrow and fixed in the wet soil by the press wheel. Thus, very good emergence is achieved even under extreme climatic conditions. Sowing is possible into cultivated as well as into uncultivated soil. The seed drill is ideal for no-till farming.
The Sprinter 24 NT achieves maximum efficiency due to its working width and the corresponding seed hopper SW 17000 SD with a hopper capacity of 17 000 litre.

The advantages of the Sprinters at one glance

  • Optimal seed drill for no-till farming
  • Perfect for professional large farms
  • Seed horizon is free from straw and lumps
  • Sowing into the open furrow. Seed grain falls in wet soil for optimum germination conditions.
  • Press wheel fixes seed grain in the wet soil
  • Maximum efficiency due to a hopper capacity of up to 17 000 litre
  • Hydr. coulter pressure adjustment with overload protection
  • Sprinter 12 / 18 NT: compact with low power demand
  • Partitioned hopper allows for a simultaneous placement of seed and fertiliser in the seed furrow
  • User-friendly: Almost no moving and very low-wearing parts at the seed elements
  • Tine bearing in rubber elements: robust and maintenance-free
  • All components are very easy accessed

Horsch Sprinter 12NT and 18NT

The Sprinter is a robust, compact and multifunctional tine seed drill available in
working widths of 12,18 & 24m.
The Sprinter combines simplicity with sophisticated design, and
unmatched strength throughout the machine.
The Sprinter coulters effectively cut a slot through harvest residues
allowing the tine to gently place the seed perfectly.
With a large-capacity air cart the Sprinter is a high hectare output
machine. The tines of the Sprinter are arranged in three rows with a
tine spacing of 10”, 12”, 15”
or 20” .
They prepare the seedbed where the soil is loosened, levelled, mixed and packed.
The Sprinter NT with 12, 18 and 24 metre working width means maximum
The HORSCH NT tine technology is unique in the way it is fastened to the frame.
The torsion bar connection allows for excellent ground following with
no complexity, that means the Sprinter is the lowest cost bar to own.
There are no pins and bushes in the tine assembly, that’s right....none.
The seed is placed into the furrow and firmed in the soil by the
press wheel. Thus, excellent emergence is achieved even under
extreme conditions.
With 425 kg tine breakout, and 1 metre under frame vertical clearance, the
Sprinter is ideal for no-till farming.
The Sprinter NT achieves maximum efficiency when combined with an industry
leading accurate air cart in either 12,000, 17,000 or 21,000 litre bin choices.
Third tank options also available with the 17,000 and 21,000 litre carts.
Come and check our build quality, it’s second to none.

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