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Avatar 18 MD – HORSCH expands product range

High end operational efficiencies, minimum soil disturbance, and erosion control – to name only a few advantages of the HORSCH Avatar 18 MD.

From Australia, and all over North America farmers already rely on the HORSCH Avatar seed drills which are available in many different working widths. In different conditions they provide our customers with utmost flexibility and operational reliability. This is why HORSCH expanded its product range with the Avatar M line. This line is based on a new central frame concept of the air seeder to create new options, for example, with new bin partitions and bin systems. To begin with, it will be available in an 18 metre working width.

The new HORSCH Avatar 18 MD is equipped with a triple bin system with three separate tanks,thus offering a significantly larger hopper capacity than our other models.

The partition of the three hoppers in 2000 litres, 5300 litres and 5300 litres allows for metering up to three materials separately, and precisely, and for placing it simultaneously by means of ourwell-proven SingleDisc openers.
With an optional weighing system, the driver can see from the tractor how much weight is in the bin. It’s another safety factor in addition to the standard residual quantity calculation available through the monitor. The well-proven Single-Disc openers can be adapted individually to different conditions, and guarantee precise placement of the seed for excellent emergence.

Additional equipment options like the LED lighting system “WorkLight Pro” allows for smooth operation at night. It’s advantageous with this option, as you can clearly see the openers, and the machine when it’s dark. Moreover, pushed row cleaner trash wheels are available for the Avatar 18 MD as an option to remove organic residues from the rows. A half-width shut-off is a standard equipment of the Avatar 18 M. It allows the driver to save seed or fertiliser on the headlands or in wedge-shaped fields.