Slide Tiger MT

Hydraulic overload protection device for most adverse soil conditions

Advantages of Tiger MT

  • 2 rows of large 68cm disc’s for chopping long residue
  • Two row of tines with 800kg breakout.
  • Excellent for shattering hardpan and applying fertiliser.
  • The perfect machine for mixing lime and gypsum evenly to depth for pH adjustment
  • Tyre packer, does a very good job of deep consolidation and conserving moisture
  • Top ring packer for final finish.
  • Extremely heavy duty machine.
  • Combination of disc harrow and cultivator
  • Serrated discs cut up trash
  • One pass machine doing multiple tasks
  • Incorporation and intensive mixing even of long-stemmed harvest residues
  • Prevents the formation of a disc hardpan
  • Deep working up to 40 cm
  • Suitable for all types of soil
  • 3 - 7,50 m working width
  • Power demand starting at 110 kW / 150 HP