Sprinter NT

Sprinter Advantages:

- Easy servicability
- Very few wear points throughout the machine
- Only greasable points located on the transport wheels and wing fold
- Precise depth control
- Even coverage of seeds
- Optimal seed to soil contact by aligning packing system with openers.
- Controlled traffic ready
- Individual depth control on each tine
- Proven oil filled bearing design on cutting coulters
- Proven oil filled bearing design on press wheels


-Total shanks controlled by several cylinders instead of one per shank. Less hosing, plumbing, and margin of error for serviceability in the future.
-There are no bushings, shims, or other wear points on the shanks. All are mounted with durable rubber torsion.
- Easy depth adjustment on shanks and coulters.
- Instantaneous terrain response for the opener/shank due to the rubber torsion system.
- Fewest wear points of any seeding bar available today.
- Coulters controlled with several cylinders also on a rubber torsion arm. No wear points other than the blade itself. Easy adjustment.
- Active adjustable down pressure set from monitor.
- Large flotation tyres on 3 metre spacing.
- Either the 12,000ltr, 17,000ltr or 21,000ltr cart can be used, tow between or tow behind.
- Simple high capacity air system, two 5.5“ tubes, smooth transition with accurate distribution

They prepare the seedbed where the soil is loosened, levelled, mixed and packed. The Sprinter NT with 12 and 18 metre working width means maximum efficiency. The HORSCH NT tine technology is unique in the way it is fastened to the frame. The torsion bar connection allows for excellent ground following with no complexity, that means the Sprinter is the lowest cost bar to own.   There are no pins and bushes in the tine assembly, that’s right….none. The seed is placed into the furrow and firmed in the soil by the press wheel. Thus, excellent emergence is achieved even under extreme conditions. With 425 kg tine breakout, and 1 metre under frame vertical clearance, the Sprinter is ideal for no-till farming. The Sprinter NT achieves maximum efficiency when combined with an industry leading accurate air cart in either 12,000, 17,000 or 21,000 litre bin choices.   Third tank options also available with the 17,000 and 21,000 litre carts. Come and check our build quality, it’s second to none