Slide Serto SC/SW


Features of Serto SW

  • The triple hopper (17 000 l) allows for contact fertilisation or for the application of mixtures.
  • The Serto 12 SW, too, relies on the PowerDisc coulter for working without any preliminary tools at a high coulter pressur of up to 150 kg.
  • Due to the hydraulic weight transfer the weigth of the seed wagon is automatically transferred to the side wings and thus homogenously to all seed coulters. Thus, despite the seed wagon, there is the same pressure on every single seed coulter.
  • The Serto concept with the all-over packer guarantees a low horse power requirement similar to the Serto SC.
  • Track eradicator discs level the tracks of the seed wagon, thus guaranteeing the same conditions for all PowerDisc coulters. This allows for a homogenous placement depth over the whole working width and in combination with the hydraulic weight transfer set the stage for a homogenous emergence.
  • 12 m working width
  • Horsepower requirement from 300 kW / 410 hp