Scott Arthur @ Courallie Farming – Tiger 6MT

It’s a great machine! Yeah I don’t know why every cotton farmer doesn’t have one“. – Scott Arthur @ Courallie Farming – Boomi, NSW.

Q: Scott just a couple of things with the Tiger 6MT, what are you mainly using this for in your program?

A: For the irrigation, and probably stubble incorporation so we go through and we center bust everything now and then we bring this straight through and we knock the rows out. And then we just come behind with the furrow rig and furrow it back out.

So this is knocking down a fair bit of stubble and incorporating it in one pass.

Q: And compaction is one of your main issues?

A: Oh we’re not too bad compaction wise, but you know it’s there for sure. But it’s really just you know, getting rid of all that stubble because we’re growing bigger yields, bigger crops and we’re trying to do less passes you know and with this way, we’re probably – I reckon we’re three passes LESS conventionally than the way we used to do it.

Q: What sort of depth are you getting out of your tines?

A: Tines we’re probably getting I reckon 300 mm and we’re running a full disc. You know we’re getting probably two inches below the original furrow.

Q: You’re doing 8, 9 Ks?

A: Probably 8, 8.5 yeah and we run it around that 12% wheel slip. We did put front duals and spread duals on the rear yeah and then the wheel slip came down a little bit but not too bad. But we’re probably using you know a good hundred percent of the horsepower that’s for sure.

Q: So this has done a bit of work?

A: This one’s done plenty of work. This will do all our chickpea, all our renovating of our dry land so it normally probably does about 400 to 800 hectares a year. Yeah and then all the cotton country as well.

Q: And that’s original discs on that one?

A: No second set

Q: And the point wear’s been good? You’re using the mulch mix?

A: Yes and we haven’t changed any of the points yet. So points at the back haven’t been touched and this is the second set of discs. So I reckon by the time we go through what we’ve got 400 hectares of chickpeas, depending on how wet, or you know when we renovate that. We’ll probably wear these discs out on that i’d say.
No it’s a great machine yeah, I don’t know why every cotton farmer doesn’t have one.