The Cultro TC is a double knife roller with low horsepower requirement that is available with 3m and 12m working width. The range of use is extremely variable – also in combination with other machines. The knives provide an excellent cutting result in Canola or silage maize stubble and in cover crops.

The diameter of the roller body of the Cultro TC is compact and allows for a high number of revolutions and a high number of cuts per revolution. This guarantees an intensive crushing of organic material. Six knifes are arranged crosswise on the roller. They generate a so-called crosscut for a maximum crushing result.

Two different versions of the machine will be available.
The Cultro 3 TC with 3 m working width will be available for 3-point linkage. The customer can choose between a version for the front attachment without a packer which is perfect for the combination with for example a Joker CT. Another option is the rear attachment with a packer – any packer that is available for the Joker CT can be chosen.

The trailed version Cultro 12 TC has a working width of 12 m and some very special features. The new frame concept transfers the complete weight of the machine on to the roller. The individual roller segments are divided in 3m wide sections that are suspended individually. This guarantees an optimum contour following of the machine even for this large working width. Each segment is overload-protected and can move upwards individually.

The machine can be equipped with a packer or a grass type harrow. The latter is ideal if a lot of organic material is to be distributed additionally on the surface. The Cultro can be equipped with a Crossbar in front of the knives. Thus, the range of use is extended to seedbed preparation.

The high efficiency of the machine also results from the high operational speeds up to 20 km/h while, at the same time, the horsepower requirement is relatively low. Farmers can use the Cultro 12 TC with a 200-hp tractor.


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